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Fangirl Essay

There are some kinds of love in this universe. Without love, a human being will not be able to live normally and there will be something empty inside their hearts. This can be love for our God, parents, families, lovers, or maybe just for our bestfriends. But now just think about this case: how about love for someone that we have never even met before? Maybe just fangirls who know how it feels, because they are the one who have a non-sense head over heels in love all over the time. What thing that comes in your mind when you hear the word â€Å"fangirls†? Maybe just a bunch of weird girls who are too much obsessed with the artist whom they admire to death. Why are they so weird? Because commonly, fangirls always have their own world, their own strange hobbies, and their own reason for being so crazy. The things such as plastering their idol’s face as their phone wallpaper, sticking so many huge posters at their rooms, overreacting when their favorite songs from their precious boys are played at the public place, sighing desperately when their hardisk is running out of memory due to a bunch of photos and videos that are too precious to be deleted, and other nonsense actions; they just do it naturally and with no other purpose than their own satisfaction over the idols. They just want to feel close with their boys. Moreover, fangirls even often call them as their ‘‘husband’’. See? It seems like fangirls’ imagination is their last hope. The other thing about fangirl is for most of them, every single thing about their boys always matters. That is why they joined some fanbases that keep updating about their boys’ current condition all the time. And believe me it means trully literally, starting from what their idols are doing, if there is any newest clip or tv show, attending some events, or even just being spotted at a supermarket without wearing any make up. They keep sharing the information with the other fangirls all over the world. That’s why for these girls, living in social networking such as twitter and facebook is much more interesting than their own and always-boring-real life. Being a fangirl sometimes can also be very annoying to the people surrounding them. I mean, when their â€Å"love†, or should we call it as an â€Å"obsession† instead? Yeah, stuff like that goes into an extreme level, obviously people may look at them in an oh-i’m-so-irritated-by-this-creature way. For example, when two angirls meet each other for the first time, have a little chit chat, and then find out that they are admiring the same person in a same group, those two will dive into their own world. Those fangirls will easily connected and nonstop talking about the newest news from their idols and ignoring the others who keep staring at them all the times, wondering what they are excitedly talking about. That is the reason wh y people always ignore the fangirls when they started talking about the topic-that-god-and-them-who-only-know. Now, let’s move on some obstacles that might bother most of fangirls in this earth. One of them is that being a fangirl is extremely expensive, since they always have the urge to wipe out their credit cards or spend lots of money to buy every single album, postcard, DVD, photobook, and other merchandise that has their idol’s face on it. This collecting habit will make their wallet pathetically empty. The most ironic thing about this is, when their idols’ groups come to their country and hold a big concert with such a high price ticket, the fangirls would separate into two paths. The first, in the case of fangirls who fortunately come from the have family, or maybe already have salary from their job, they will easily buy the ticket with no hesitation, watch the concert excitedly, and form a smile that will never leave their face for at least one month later. Such a sweet memories~ In the other way, for those who do not have enough money to own the ticket, they will just cry to death all day long, knowing that they will just let their boys come to their country and perform perfectly as always on the stage without witnessing it by themselves. Their sorrowful faces won’t dissapear easily for sure. Do you think fangirl is nothing than just a weirdo because theye’re crying for something that isn’t worth it? They do know it by themselves but they just couldn’t deny the feeling. Even though their obsession towards the boys sometimes makes no sense, there is still some positive things that can be taken from those fangirls. One of them that is, the faith. They always keep the faith, no matter what mistake that their boy’s done, they will find the excuse behind it, apologize them, and continue supporting them as always. That’s why the artist wouldn’t be exist without their loyal, caring, and supporting fans behind them.

Chemistry investigation Essay

Aim: I am going to carry out an investigation measuring the rate of reaction between hydrochloric acid and magnesium. The independent variable will be the molar of the hydrochloric acid; I will be diluting it with water to change the concentration. The dependent variable could be one of four things; Temperature change, Mass loss, Gas produced using a burette or gas produced using a gas syringe. The dependent variable of the primary experiment will be decided once I have performed four preliminary experiments each with the different dependent variables. The results of these preliminaries will help me determine which factor is the most accurate to measure. Background Information: As I am planning to investigate the rate of reaction by changing the concentration of the acid I should take into consideration how the reaction is affected by concentration. If there is more of a substance in a system, there is a greater chance that molecules will collide and speed up the rate of the reaction. If there is less of something, there will be fewer collisions and the reaction will probably happen at a slower speed. As you increase the concentration of the acid, there are more acid particles in the same volume. Therefore there is a greater chance of acid particles colliding, and reacting, with particles on the surface area of the magnesium ribbon. Here is an example of how the rate of reaction will increase if the concentration gets higher:image00.png With this in mind it is clear to see that as I decrease the concentrate of the acid by adding water to it I will be decreasing the rate of reaction. There is a positive correlation between the two variables. The experiment equation that will effectively happen is: MAGNESIUM + HYDROCHLORIC ACID — MAGNESIUM CHLORIDE + HYDROGEN Mg + 2HCl —- MgCl2 + H2 Magnesium; Magnesium is a light, silvery-white, and fairly tough metal. It tarnishes slightly in air, and finely divided magnesium readily ignites upon heating in air and burns with a dazzling white flame. Because serious fires can occur, great care should be taken in handling magnesium metal, especially in the finely divided state. Water should not be used on burning magnesium or on magnesium fires. Hydrochloric acid; Hydrochloric acid is the aqueous solution of hydrogen chloride gas (HCl). It is a strong acid, the major component of gastric acid, and of wide industrial use. Hydrochloric acid must be handled with appropriate safety precautions because it is a highly corrosive liquid. Hydrogen; when mixed with oxygen across a wide range of proportions, hydrogen explodes upon ignition. Hydrogen burns violently in air. It ignites automatically at a temperature of 560. Another characteristic of hydrogen fires is that the flames tend to ascend rapidly with the gas in air. Magnesium chloride; this is the name for the chemical compounds with the formulas MgCl2 and its various hydrates MgCl2 (H2O) x. These salts are typical ionic halides, being highly soluble in water. The hydrated magnesium chloride can be extracted from brine or sea water. Anhydrous magnesium chloride is the principal precursor to magnesium metal, which is produced on a large scale. Preliminary experiments: Method: In this preliminary experiment I choose not to alter anything but to observe how the temperature increased within the time of the reaction. I used 10ml of hydrochloric acid and 3cm of magnesium ribbon. I carried out three repeat measurements to gain an idea of what the results would look like if compared. Evaluation of Preliminary Methods Each of the experiments above has limitations that strongly influenced the results. This has given me an idea of what degree of accuracy each method can be measured to and if they are suitable to collect data for the primary experiment. Temperature: Measuring the temperature is a simple way of seeing where the rate of reaction begins, peaks and ends. It is a clear indication to how the magnesium reacts and at what temperature. There are, however, some inaccuracies to the formation of the set up. Some of the thermal energy detected by the thermometer is sometimes transferred into the glass of the conical flask which led to an inaccurate reading. Furthermore the thermometer is slow to respond to the rise in temperature and also only gives reading in whole numbers so slight elevations in heat are difficult to read and thus inaccurate. Mass Loss: Measuring the mass at different points in the experiment provides markers to see how much magnesium and hydrochloric acid has been reacted. The electric scale I used was too sensitive to get a general reading; this affected the results severely. The mass would sometimes increase during the reaction due to a small piece of debris getting onto the scale or because a gust or air; consequentially the results were askew. Gas Produced using a burette: This is a very good way of measuring the rate of reaction. The measurements are clear and can be recorded to a decimal place which makes the results very accurate. There are some limitations, however, to using a burette. When the gas is produced it takes time for the hydrogen to travel along through the tube and up into the burette. This extends the time of the reaction slightly because not all the gas has been collected which the magnesium has been dissolved. Furthermore some amount of hydrogen have escaped the burette and simply floated to the surface of the water not being accounted for. This is a small inaccuracy but can still alter the results. Gas Produced using a gas syringe: This is a very accurate piece of equipment. It does not allow for gas to escape and records the data consistently and with speed. The only limitations in using a gas syringe are that the reading can only be reading in whole numbers and that the syringe sometimes collects water vapour as well. The water vapour, however, can be eliminating by adding an extra conical flask to the tube which collects the vapour as it is slightly cooler. The gas syringe is the most advanced piece of equipment in each of the preliminary methods and also is the most accurate in recording the data. Therefore to calculate the rate of reaction between magnesium and hydrochloric acid my dependent variable will be the gas produced using a gas syringe. Hypothesis: Now that I have determined what I am going to measure and how I can now make my prediction over what I think will be the final outcome of the experiment. Rate of reactions are all based on the collision theory. This states that the more collisions in a system, the more likely combinations of molecules will occur. As a result of this the reaction will accelerate, and the rate of that reaction will increase. The concentration of a substance will raise the number of collisions and thusly speed up the rate of reaction. On this basis I believe that if the molar of the hydrochloric acid is decreased there will be less gas produced and so the rate of reaction will slow. Here is a diagram: image07.png We can see in the figure above that if the molar is halved then there are fewer particles in the water so fewer collisions can happen. The gas produced will therefore be reduced and the overall time of the reaction will decrease. Variables Variable controlled How it is controlled Why it is controlled Concentration of Magnesium By measuring out a 3cm piece of magnesium each time I take a repeat measurement. I am measuring the concentration of the hydrochloric acid not the magnesium. Concentration of Hydrochloric acid I will start with 10ml of hydrochloric acid and replace 2ml of it with water every time I want to reduce the concentration. I want to observe what effect it will have on the rate of reaction. Water Vapour Adding an extra, cooler conical flask to collect the water vapour. I am measuring the gas produced between hydrochloric acid and magnesium; water vapour is not a product. Temperature By putting the flasks in a thermostatically controlled water bath for 5 minutes before each experiment. I am measuring the concentration and do not want the higher temperature to give the particle more energy to collide. Apparatus 500ml conical flasks- To hold the magnesium and hydrochloric acid reaction and to collect the water vapour. Conical flask bung (with hole for tubing) – To allow for gas only to travel through the tubing. Glass tubing- To direct the flow of gas. 100 ml ² gas syringes- To measure the gas produced. Retort stand- To hold the gas syringe. Clamp- This is attached to the retort stand. 50 ml measuring cylinder- To measuring the hydrochloric acid accurately stop-clock- To measure the time of the reaction 10ml of Hydrochloric Acid plus varying amounts of water- To measure the concentration of the acid Magnesium ribbon (3cm per experiment) – To react with the acid. Ruler and scissors – To measure and cut the magnesium ribbon. image08.png Here is a diagram: Other apparatus: image10.pngimage09.pngimage11.png image02.pngimage03.png Obtaining precise and reliable results My experimental design permits me to take very accurate measurement; however, the only fault in its design is that the syringe only measures in whole numbers. This should not pose as a problem because I will take lots of reading to compensate. I will then find the mean of easy set of results so that I can compare them accurately in addition to this I will also take the range of the results which will allow me to observe whether they overlap. The limitations of my other apparatus are common. Although my stop can measure to a 10th of a second my reaction time will be a lot slower then this. The ruler and scissors should also be taken into consideration, measuring and cutting the magnesium could cause some variation. The measuring cylinder also has to be estimated to a rough degree when pouring the hydrochloric acid. All of these small inaccuracies can add up to a large error so I need to be very consistent so each result is rounded to the same degree of accuracy. Risk assessment: during the practical various measures must be taken to ensure the experiment is carried out safely. These measures are; †¢ Always wear safety goggles (at all times) to ensure no chemicals make contact with eyes. †¢ Wear laboratory aprons to ensure there are no spillages onto clothing. †¢ Use a bench mat to stop spillages onto bench †¢ Avoid contact of acid on skin – it is corrosive. If acid does touch skin it must be immediately washed off. †¢ Hydrogen is explosive and so must not be exposed to a naked flame- ensure that Bunsen burners are nowhere near the apparatus during the experiment. †¢ Basic Laboratory Rules i.e. do not run in labs, No food or drink allowed etc. †¢ No concentration of hydrochloric acid greater than 2 molar, anything larger is dangerous.

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Contemporary Realistic Fiction Essay

The genre that I will be presenting is Contemporary Realistic Fiction. The project idea that I chose for my genre was the topic of the sensitive issue of death and how it is treated and written in literature. To discuss the issue about death and dying the paper will include books that focus on the following subjects. The first being what the understanding or impression of the child be after reading or having the books read to them. The next being how the stories treat the issue of death and what lessons they could have learned in helping them cope. Another would be the question of if the books treat the subject the same way and if not, I will compare the viewpoints amongst the books. The books will be discussed both in individual and collective form so as to provide a true and fair view of the information which are presented in these books. Thus far, I have found a few titles that I believe will help me to present my topic. The first being Bridge To Terabithia by Katherine Paterson, which is the story of depressed and angry fifth grader Jess Aarons, who becomes friends with his new outgoing, tomboy neighbor Leslie Burke. The two lonely children create a magical forest kingdom together that they call Terabithia. The book comes to a tragic end when Leslie falls into a creek and drowns. The lesson that I got out of reading this book was that Jesse could only overcome his grief with the strength and courage that his friendship with Leslie had given him. The next book I chose was a picture book called Jim’s Dog Muffins by Miriam Cohen. Jim is a first grader who has been having a hard time since his dog Muffins died. At school, he becomes angry when his classmates don’t seem to understand how he feels. Until his new friend Paul comes along and helps him feel better. This could show the aspect of how having people around to help you get through a loved one’s, or in this case a loved dog’s, death is very crucial and can have very positive effects. The next book I have chosen to include thus far is called Moon Pie by Mason Simon. Moon Pie has a cute and fun cover that would lead you to believe it is a humorous and light book. However, this little book actually has a bit of a serious story line. That said, it is a tender little book about a family going through hard times. Martha’s mother has died prior to the story’s beginning. Her sweet father has always been eccentric, but his oddities are increasing. Martha wonders if he might be going a little bit crazy due to his grief over the loss of her mother, and it turns out she is partially correct. In fact, she learns that he is an alcoholic. She and her brother are taken away from their dad and given to their grandparents, where they are well cared for, but miss their dad terribly. This book’s ending is realistic, but a happy one overall which can show children that are currently in the grieving stage that things can get better.

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President Obama says he'd talk on GOP's terms if they raise debt Essay

President Obama says he'd talk on GOP's terms if they raise debt ceiling, fund government - Essay Example However, the Republicans, led by the speaker of the congress are against this position held by Obama’s administration. To him, what Obama is trying to do, is to force his point of view to the republicans, as a condition of engaging into talks with them (Acosta, Tom and Deirdre, 4). Mitt Romney disagrees with this method that Republican congress men are employing for purposes of preventing the implementation of Obama care (Pham, 2). Romney denotes that there are other methods of getting rid of the Obama care health plan, and this includes delaying its implementation for almost over one year (Pham, 1). According to Mitt Romney, this health care policy will ruin the American economy, and therefore it is necessary to prevent it. Romney further denotes that methods such as educating the population against this policy are also an effective method of preventing the implementation of President Obama policies on health. He gave an example of the 21 hour speech of Senator Cruz, in which he strongly criticized the Obama health care plan. To him, this plan would ruin the American economy, and state. Other methods that Romney proposes include working hard in the campaigns for purposes of ensuring that the republicans gain the control of the congress and the senate. By doing this, they will be able to prevent bills that would work against their interests. The reasons as to why the republicans are not right in forcing a government shutdown, is that the economy of the nation might go into a recession. There is a possibility that the country’s stock market might fail, and over 800,000 federal employees might lose their work (Pham, 3). Romney therefore urges his fellow Republicans to desist from using such draconian measures in forcing the government of president Obama from implementing his health care reforms. This is because such measures are not patriotic, and there effect will be felt through the collapse of the country’s economy. Lately, for purposes of ending the stalemate, the republicans agreed for a temporary measure of funding the federal government initiatives. This measure is attached with a condition that the government won’t attempt to fund any additional policies, other than what was in the budget. The temporary offer would last for six weeks, when both the government and the republicans negotiate on the way forward in regard to implementing Obama care, and reducing the country’s debts. President Clinton also opposes this move by the Republican congress men. According to Clinton, the Republican wants the government of America to fail by denying it money to fund its activities. This is not what the founders of nation advocated for, during the creation of the federation. He further denotes that the proposals by the Republican congress is draconian, and is meant to erase the gains made by President Obama in taking the country out of recession. This move by the Republican congress men will lead to an increase i n unemployment, and to higher standards of living, therefore President Obama is right to refuse negotiating with these congress men based on their demands. According to Clinton, the rate of unemployment has decreased, and the country is nearly reducing its deficit. On this basis, the action by the Republican to cause the shutdown of the government is unwise, and therefore uncalled for. One of the methods that I would suggest in ending this stalemate is for the President and the Republicans to

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The economics of broadway Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The economics of broadway - Essay Example The purpose of this paper is to agree with this statement "the economics of broadway are harsh and unforgiving because it is virtually impossible to raise substantially the productivity of performance.yet a long run,especially a musical,can minimize the potential for financial problem". High Prices of tickets:The price of tickets in at broadway theatre in recent times is known to be on the high side.And due to the high cost of tickets,people now decide to go to the theatre fewer times compared to before.They are only prepared to pay for the high cost of tickets when there is a hit performance.And visiting the theatre has now become an event rather than a habit.This tantamounts to the drop in productivity of performance. Price Discrimination:One point supporting this notion is that economics of Broadway is harsh is the issue of price discrimination in the theatre.These involve the non- uniformity in prices of tickets.Different seats qualities do have different prices to them.Also discount prices which are targetted at customers with low willingness to pay,result in prices that differ from the uniform set price. Selling of tickets at half-prices on the day of performance at a discount booth is seen as a damaged good that further discriminates among self-selecting customers.

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Land Management Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Land Management - Case Study Example There was really nothing to judge. It was all about whether or not the mine met certain criteria according to previous patterns of practice. The suit will go back to the BLM adjudicative branch. If the adjudicative branch is unable to rectify the situation, the case could be taken to a higher court. Nevertheless, Evaporation, Inc. must exhaust all of its administrative remedies before proceeding. That is usually the case with any administrative conflict. The party in question is required to exhaust all of its administrative remedies before seeking legal action. It is usually just a rubber stamp. Here, we explored two pressing questions about the circumstances as presented in the brief. This case of Evaporation, Inc. versus the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) reveals some of the intricacies of land management administrative practice. The importance of this case in the field of land development cannot be overlooked.

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Maritime Economics of Australia Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Maritime Economics of Australia - Essay Example 88) The current data suggests that Australian ship owners are also foremost in the meadow on new buildings and issuing increased quality and additional services to sea trade. Several of these recently commissioned ships were located under the State flag. During January and February of 2007, 300 new-fangled buildings casing all types of vessels, were added to the Australia's owned navy as 59 modern vessels were added to the 910 ships previously beneath the Australian flag. (Wang J, 2007, p. 91) The Australian owned convoy according to current figures accounts for additional 2,600 ships and its transporting competence being at 218,000,000 DWT, casing 16.5% of the world transportation needs. These figures correspond to about 40 billion US $. (Pallis A, 2007, 84) Australian vessel owners uphold 8.5% of the universal fleet and 16.5% of the planet tonnage. They own 24.1% of the tanker navy, 20.4% of the dry shipment convoy and 9.6% of the complex tanker vessels. (Evans J, 1990, p. 85) The administration of Hellenic owned shipping is performed within the organizational framework of overseas countries such as the Great Britain, City of London thus contributing to the expansion of important commerce centers. Thus Australian shipping acquaintances its foremost development and role worldwide to the intercontinental stock market, the charters' worldwide market and other pertinent economic activities. (Stopford M, 1997, p. 93) COMPARATIVE ADVANTAGES Hellenic shipping comprises of ships that are mostly specialized in massive transportation of parched and liquid freight as well as in shipping of traditional general cargoes. These ships account for 95% of Hellenic owned navy while the residual 5% includes cruisers, coastal ships and commercial. (McConville J, 1999, p. 68) Since it is a universal leading power in nautical transportation, Australian owned shipping operates on a globe scale casing the transportation requirements of countries well beyond the Greek state. This flotilla serves the trade requirements of many countries all through the world. Moreover, shipbuilding, repairs, ship scrapping, marine cover and rental take place abroad. (Evans J, 1990, p. 90) Hellenic mercantile shipping has gained all through the years by providing excellent services particularly in the fields of security of steering and at sea, the defense of the maritime environment and in the current form of safety and tradition. (McConville J, 1995, p. 72) Australia having natural gas reserves and the availability of iron ore offer a natural setting for DR foliage which eventually eliminates the need for reliance on imported fragment to the whole Asia Pacific region. (Stopford M, 1997, p. 94) Australian living principles, circumstances of service and wages, and duty rates are considerably higher than those applying to squad employed on most overseas shipping. Australian delivery can never anticipate to compete against these ships. This is because no Australian would recognize wages and circumstances that counterpart those of the lowest levels of emerging nations. (Wang. J, 2007, p.99) COMPARATIVE DISADVANTAGES World delivery is subjugated by flag of conveniences vessels registered in tax havens like Panama and Liberia where they are not necessary to meet

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Petition for extension of deferred standing Essay

Petition for extension of deferred standing - Essay Example I am deeply concerned about my grades. I had prepared a schedule and was preparing for the exams according to it, but to control my illness during the exams was beyond my control and was something completely unanticipated. I would be very grateful to the committee if it could allow me to reappear in the exam. This course is extremely important to me. This can be estimated from the fact that this is the second time I am taking this course. I take complete responsibility for the fact that I did not make the best use of my time during my previous semesters, but I was under the effect of interplay of a range of personal factors and family issues that deterred me from focusing my mind on studies. I was determined that I would take a fresh start from this semester but my unexpected illness compromised my ability to do my best in the exam. These circumstances have had a very unfavorable impact on my academic record. Considering my past circumstances and my determination to do my best, I sin cerely request the petition committee to grant me a second chance. This is evident from my past grades as well as the grade I will secure after evaluation of my performance in Econ 2400. You may have a look at the physician’s statement that accompanies this petition letter to have a proof of my illness and serious headache from 10 May 2015 till almost a week later. My physician has consented to be available on phone call should it be necessary for the school nurse to talk to him. Moved by the realization of my poor academic record and the causal factors for it most of which were beyond my control, I request you to approve my

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Banking Crisis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 words

Banking Crisis - Essay Example The crisis is thus perceived to have occurred as the result of exposure to Market Risks due to such risk transfer mechanisms (Banks normally are never exposed to market risks because they reply on internal systems in managing the credits) that caused many loopholes in the Credit Risk Management in management of lending to Sub-Prime customers. These customers are individuals or companies who do not have clean credit history or regular source of income. The Banks & Financial Institutions preferred to lend loans to Sub-Prime customers to avail the benefits of higher interest rates at a perceived calculated exposure of the investment capital to higher risks. To facilitate this in a secured and manageable manner, the banks & financial institutions used the mechanism of "Securitization" that essentially is the mechanism of distributing the risk of the lending to the investors outside the Banking system through a process. The process of "Securitization" resulted in the boom of Credit Deriva tive Market and was used extensively in the US Sub-Prime Mortgage Market by increasing the number of risky products but still reduce the liabilities on their balance sheets (thus shielding the same from external auditors). The money was shown to be flowing through so called "conduits" from investors to the borrowers through the SPV and SIV system. As described by experts the primary drawbacks that occurred in this process are poor valuations of assets acquired against the credit instruments thus resulting in uncertain asset valuation & high credit risk exposure that couldn't detect the imperfections in the Credit Markets. Even the external rating agencies got trapped in this mirage and couldn't predict the Sub-Prime crisis because the Securitization Process was extremely complex and the dependency was upon scattered and unreliable data outside the core banking system. Moreover, the Bank's risk assessment didn't demonstrate due diligence in screening the sub-prime borrowers and infor ming the investors about the associated risks in the so called securitized products. The overall system expanded uncontrollably and the competition became very stringent resulting in loans getting sanctioned at the flash of light and there was no time for adequate risk management. The actual risks ware completely covered under hyped data and analytics about the new credit instruments which, frankly no one understood correctly - not even the external auditors and the statutory & governance

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International Business Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

International Business - Assignment Example The strategy that keeps IKEA to its position is through refreshing and renewing their service model. IKEA has a unique approach to deal with its customers as it employs a self-serving method. Customers make choices on the product, picks them from the shelves and assembles them at their at home on their own. Self-service is a rare approach in the furniture businesses, but the customers choose to apply the approach due the low prices offered. IKEA is a corporation often described as the prototypical Teflon multinational. Some describes the company as quintessential global cult brand which has a democratic culture. For instance, at a company dinner employees take dinner first, followed by the managers, directors and lastly Ingvar Kamprad. Kamprad emphasized on a matrix form of organization which is an informal, nonhierarchical and team-based organization. This kind of an organization has an open flow of information and knowledge within all stages of management. The current organizational structure can be described as highly functional, with an international market strategy. Therefore, IKEA maintains a centralized control over functional activities as well as taking advantage of low cost and good quality furniture from the international suppliers. In addition, control over strategic direction has been developed, and functional layoffs are minimized. To ensure the effectiveness of the logistics process, IKEA has integrated distribution and purchasing process under one umbrella function. The significance of centralized strategic direction will rise as IKEA continue to expand overseas (Capell, 2005). IKEA has found its strength in providing highly functional and quality products at a low price. Moreover, the company has been able to establish a market brand name and a goodwill that is essentially instrumental to the performance of the organization. On top of that, the company has an efficient value